Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to replace missing teeth and can be constructed out of a combination of metal and acrylic, or completely out of acrylic.

A Cast Frame Partial is made with a metal framework on which artificial teeth are attached. The clasps of the frame grip onto the remaining dentition.

Acrylic Partials do not have a metal framework. They gain retention by simply wedging between the space and the remaining natural teeth. Acrylic Partials can be less reliable in their fit and function.

Metal partials are usually thinner, more hygienic and stronger than acrylic partials. A consultation with your Denturist can determine which partial will work best for you. Feel free to call or email the office for a denture quote.

Immediate Dentures

An Immediate Denture is designed to be placed in the mouth immediately after the extraction of the natural teeth. For many people, the embarrassment of having to go without teeth while the gums are healing is too much. Immediate dentures are for those people.

It is important to note, though, that immediate dentures are designed to fit your mouth at the time impressions are taken, but after a few months your gums will change drastically. This is referred to as “gum resorption.”

Most patients will require relines within a few months, to restore the fit of their dentures. As your gums shrink the most within the first year of having your teeth extracted, you can expect that the first year of wearing dentures will also be the most difficult and costly.

Dentures Over Implants

Image used with permission of the Denturist Association of Canada

"Over dentures" are made to fit over dental implants. An implant-supported denture provides the greatest security, as the denture snaps onto titanium implant studs, which are surgically inserted into your existing jawbone.

Please ask the Denturist for more information regarding implants and their benefits.