Standard Denture

Standard Dentures are an economical choice for denture wearers. Standard quality materials are used in the construction of the denture. We take into consideration your gender, face-shape, and complexion, in order to create a set of dentures that fit and function well for you. Westward Denture Clinic in Campbell River provides a one-year guarantee on this Standard Denture.

Natural teeth consist of 3 layers, all of which contribute to strength and aesthetics. Ivoclar teeth (used in BPS Dentures) are manufactured in Europe using a special layering technique that results in a tooth that closely mimics nature. The refraction and reflection of light on Ivoclar Teeth is designed to be identical to that of natural teeth.

Precision Denture

Precision Dentures are made specifically to suit your individual needs and appearance, using high quality materials and additional facial measurements. Ward Bautz, our on-site Registered Denturist, takes additional measurements of your jaw structure and face using precision equipment, in order to obtain a more exact range of movement of your jaw. These additional measurements take time, but the result is a truly custom denture with excellent fit and function.

Before constructing your Precision Dentures the Denturist will consult with you on tooth shape, shade & size as well as discuss the high quality teeth and acrylic to be used for your dentures. The end result is a vibrant, natural-looking smile you can feel confident showing. Westward Denture Clinic provides a two year guarantee on this Precision Denture.

BPS ® Dentures–
(Biofunctional Prosthetic System)

The new standard for excellence in removable dental prosthetics

False teeth have come a long way since your Grandparent’s time! BPS Dentures are skillfully crafted using a coordinated system of BPS technology, premium materials, equipment, set-up techniques, and specialized training. BPS incorporates SR-Ivocap® and Ivoclar teeth and is designed to provide patients with optimal form, function and aesthetics. The system includes a comprehensive technique for impressions, record taking, tooth selection & placement, fabrication and processing.

Ivoclar Vivodent teeth are carefully set to maximize function, comfort and aesthetics. Ivoclar teeth are made with a layering technique that results in a natural depth and translucency that most closely replicates natural teeth. They are also more resistant to wear, chipping and staining.

The SR-Ivocap processing system provides continuous heat and pressure injection throughout the entire process, ensuring a precise fit. This injection technology is considered state-of-the-art in denture processing. Aided by a unique flask design, the system eliminates porosities that can harbor bacteria and weaken the denture or cause infection in the wearer.

With SR-Ivocap you can rest assured that the details of impression-making, jaw registration and tooth set-up, which are carefully captured in the revolutionary Stratos® 200 articulator, are precisely preserved in the final denture. Our Denturist has over 10 years experience and has taken specialized training to ensure that your BPS dentures exceed your expectations when it comes to comfortable, aesthetically pleasing dentures.

The result is a sturdy denture that requires less adjustment, minimizes the signs of premature aging, restores suction, enhances comfort and ensures the most natural and aesthetic smile available in dentures today.

Westward Denture Clinic guarantees the craftsmanship of BPS dentures for 2 years.

BPS dentures can provide mature adults with long-term denture wearing enjoyment, allowing for an active and vibrant lifestyle.
Demand the highest quality. Ask for a BPS Premium denture!

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