Products & Services

Comfortable Soft Liners

Molloplast-B soft liner is a permanently soft silicone material which can be added during the construction of your new denture or during the reline or rebase of an existing denture.

It is a highly elastic material which forms a bond with the acrylic base. The benefit of the soft liner is that it flexes and moulds to the gums, and it distributes pressure over the surface of the denture, reducing pressure point sore spots. This affords the patient greater comfort and security with their denture.

"Renew" Denture Cleaner

Renew is a professional strength denture cleaner. Renew removes tobacco, coffee and tea stains, as well as calcium, tartar and plaque build-up.

It is only available at select dental offices. Come in to our office to purchase a bottle, or ask for a trial pouch to see how it works for you!



Relines & Rebases

Relines can be done in as little as one day. In the morning you come in, have a new impression taken of your gums, then the Denturist uses that impression as a working model, adding high strength acrylic to reconstruct your denture to the new fit. You come back later that afternoon to pick up your proper fitting denture.

Rebases are the same procedure as relines. The difference with rebasing is that the Denturist replaces all of the old pink acrylic base material with new high strength acrylic. Essentially you are getting a new fit with new acrylic, but with your existing teeth.

Repairs while you wait

Should you run into a problem with your denture, we can usually assist you that day and repair the denture while you wait.



Adjustments can be necessary to relieve pressure and sore spots caused by your denture.

Cleaning & Polishing

Renew the shine of your teeth with a professional polish!


Name Insertion

  • Your name is permanently imbedded into the denture, for easy identification. (This service is especially beneficial for residents of care home and hospital settings.)



A no-pressure way to meet with the Denturist and discuss issues concerning your dentures.


Service Guarantee

1 year guarantee!
All new Standard Dentures and Rebases / Relines are backed by a 1 year service guarantee.

Two Year Guarantee!
All precision Dentures are backed by a 2 year service guarantee.